how to save zotero items …

September 3, 2007 at 12:20 pm | Posted in firefox, library, zotero | Leave a comment

… when there is no location bar?

The location bar is the only place in the current zotero interface where the little button to save items to the database appears. Now various publishers open detailed item info – which would be accessible to zotero – in a popup window without location bar. (This is a known issue.)

There’s also a known solution, which is just a little hard to find:

Firefox has a few options that allow you to decide what scripts can and can not do with windows. These options are available by going to Tools > Options… > Content, and beside “Enable JavaScript”, clicking on Advanced. However, this list of options doesn’t cover them all. There are some other useful options which can be applied by using about:config to change the following:



Set this to true to always display the Navigation Toolbar in pop-up windows.


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